Frequently Asked Questions

What if the software is down?

Call 615-933-3388

What kind of financial advice do you give?

None. We provide you with the tools to make your own decisions.

Do you offer individually tailored investment plans?

No. We provide you with the tools to choose what investment plans are for you, as well as a network of professionals who can sell you the investments that you choose for yourself.

How do I go about planning for my retirement?

Follow the financial planning course, use the Watch Your Wealth Grow eBook, and create your financial plan.

I don't understand this stuff, can you help me?

Yes! Owner and Investor level members should schedule a one on one coaching session in the member portal.

How often should I update my financial plan?

Update your financial plan whenever your income changes or you have a major life event (birth, death, marriage, divorce, large purchases, etc), and at least once per year.

When should I reach out to a referral partner?

Reach out to referral partners when you are ready to pay for their services, and understand exactly what you need.